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The Fear Vaccine:

Will a vaccine really repair the world’s damaged psyche? I highly doubt it. But then again, maybe I am wrong.

According to CNBC, trial runs of Pfizer’s trial vaccines, something highly touted by President Trump in the debates, have caused symptoms including day-long exhaustion, fever, headaches, severe, chills, and other “fun” things. One participant even reported chipping their tooth, they shivered so hard. I have shivered extremely hard having spent frozen, windy nights without shelter, but I have NEVER chipped a tooth. That is pretty metal.

However, participants in vaccine trials report that they are happy they are vaccinated and would do it again. I don’t blame them. Many people, including myself, are more than ready to leave the cave of quarantine and move upward into the warm light of the sun that is normal social interaction. To be honest, as a young person who takes good care of their body (working out daily, eating healthily, etc.), I have been extremely cavalier in my approach to the virus.

My family, which ranges from 2 to 60, is the same way. We all decided, after data started being reported and analyzed, that we would not allow this virus to scare us into living a life in fear. The costs simply did not outweigh the benefits. I recognize that we are the exception, and certainly not the rule, and we also recognize that we need to protect the vulnerable.

Data and personal experience aside, the real question is something out of a Klondike marketing campaign: What would you do to relieve your fear? Honestly, what are the bulk of Americans willing to endure to stop being scared? So far, without critical analysis, Americans have sacrificed the wellbeing of countless others in order to assuage their COVID fears. So what else are you willing to do? Would you bark? Would you jump? How high? Would you rat out your neighbors for violating social norms? Would you lock yourself in your room for months on end?

The problem is that we keep hearing different answers. First, we needed to “flatten the curve.” After weeks of field hospitals left barren and bleeding precious resources from hospitals, we flattened the curve. Then, we needed to see a downward trend in the raw number of cases. Fine. We can do that. THEN, we needed to wait for a vaccine. Wait, what? When? THEN, even a vaccine would not be enough, and we needed to change the world’s social order. STOP!!!

All of this while the “science” keeps flip-flopping on what is the latest trend in COVID care. I understand that part of the scientific method is to challenge assumptions, and to change hypotheses when data supports it. To the contrary, what we hear from the media and the powers that be is that we cannot deviate from the initial hypothesis. BE SCARED! IT IS A DEATH SENTENCE! YOU CAN NEVER BECOME IMMUNE! We need to ask ourselves: What is the cost? What is the benefit? What does it mean to be an American? The last question is paramount.

At what point are we willing to give up the valuable freedom that patriots have sacrificed everything for between 1776 and approximately 1940, when Americans apparently became comfortable with increasingly encroachful government? If this virus is so contagious, and we can contract it multiple time (kinda like…the flu…) then why are we hiding? We are simply delaying the inevitable, and the end result will be a weaker herd. Everyone is going to get this virus. Everyone. The sooner we realize that, the better. Protect the vulnerable. If you have a co-morbidity, are old, are frail, then quarantine. But how low are you willing to stoop?

Democrat Party leadership is constantly warning us that we need to lock ourselves away (don’t worry, they only go out now and then, and when they do stay inside, they have plenty of fancy ice cream 😉 ). Yet, they are also warning that a vaccine is untrustworthy. So what are we supposed to take away from that? Constant, perpetual fear. It appears as though your political masters want you to leash yourself to them via fear. Do not listen to anyone else. Only them. Rules for thee but not for me.

As for the Republicans, have they been cavalier? Yes. Too cavalier? Probably. But in light of everything else that has transpired since COVID became a reality, I would prefer to have hope, and to live life to the fullest than to simply exist. What was it that Patrick Henry said? Give me security or give me free stuff? No. That’s all wrong. GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH! We have never faced this choice so literally since it first became iconic.

Written by: The Fireman

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