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The 19th Amendment is 100 years old, stop ignoring Jo Jorgensen

At the time of this writing, the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment was just 45 days ago.  That's not long.  Just a month and a half. Trump marked this important day with the pardoning of Susan B. Anthony, a woman who was arrested and convicted for voting.  The media covered this pardoning for most of the day.  That or the coronavirus or the upcoming debate.  For the most part, it seems this historic centennial was largely forgotten about. Meanwhile, Jo Jorgensen, the only woman who is running for president, was completely ignored.  I still run into people both physically and online who have NO IDEA who Jo Jorgensen is.  She should be EVERYWHERE in the media, and people have NO IDEA a woman is even running. Now, I'm not saying Jo Jorgensen (aka JoJo or Mama Jo) deserves to be heard JUST BECAUSE she's a woman... Actually... maybe I am.

This is a landmark year for women.  The centennial anniversary of the signing of the 19th amendment, giving women the right to vote.  Five thousand women gathered and marched down Pennsylvania Avenue in DC for this right.  Susan B Anthony and 14 other women were arrested, tried, and convicted for this right.  Simply for the right to VOTE.  Simply for the right to choose who will lead. And now a woman is running.  a woman has the chance to be chosen.  ABSOLUTELY unthinkable a century ago.  Women's rights groups all across the land should be rallying behind her.  She is what women have been striving for. JoJo has a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.  She's a full-time senior lecturer in Psychology at Clemson University.  She worked at IBM before becoming the co-owner of DigiTech, Inc.   She wants to un-restrict guns in a massive way, wishing to give Americans the right to own whatever type of gun they wish, regardless of rounds per trigger squeeze.   She aims to... just... END the IRS and abolish all income taxes.  Could you imagine that?  Never paying taxes on your income again? She wants to end all conflicts America is involved in and bring all our soldiers home.  As a vet, I must say, this speaks volumes to me. She's a responsible adult who LITERALLY drinks bourbon and plays ice hockey.  She just screams "strong and capable".   A woman who is a college professor, a business owner, unafraid of firearms, hates taxes, hates the government, AND will whoop your ass in the rink? She is the physical embodiment of "female empowerment". MeToo, NOW, UltraViolet, ACLU, Planned Parenthood, RAINN... all KINDS of women's rights organizations across the nation should be rallying behind the ONLY woman running for PRESIDENT and not just the one riding the coattails of the man running for president....... right? I don't get it.  Is this not "stunning and brave"?  What about that doesn't deserve a "Yaaassssss Queen"  Why is there no "I'm with her" campaign? Wait, that's right... her last name isn't clinton.

- J.M. Adams

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