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Written by: The Fireman

For years, President Trump’s supporters have been mocked for believing that Donald Trump would follow through on his promise to “drain the swamp.” Trump supporters were told that Donald Trump was going to pull the United States out of the Middle East; a seemingly hollow promise that was utterly abandoned by his predecessor. Yeah. Okay. We’ve all heard that one before.

People were quick to point out, some despairing, that President Trump had played his voters when he launched a Tomahawk missile strike in Syria, and ended up deploying a small contingent of troops and Special Operations Forces to deal with Islamic State in the war-torn country. “See! I told you he was lying! I knew he was never going to follow through on his foreign policy!” It seemed like not even the golden bull in the proverbial china shop could prevent being dragged down into the swampy depths of Washington politics.

And now…this. According to Task and Purpose, in an article published on November 13th, 2020, former envoy to Syria, Jim Jeffrey, admitted to Defense One reporter Katie Bo Williams that “we were always playing shell games to not make clear to our leadership how many troops we had [in Syria].” If this does not make your blood absolutely BOIL, then you are truly a warhawk. Think about it: appointed officials, responsible for painting the picture of the reality of our military situation in the world, LIED to the President to mislead his actions. Don’t worry, though, everyone…THERE IS NO DEEP STATE! STOP BEING A CONSPIRACY THEORIST!

Regardless of your political views, voting for Joe Biden has potentially eliminated any shot the United States had of withdrawing troops from the Middle East, and removing ourselves from never-ending entanglements. Voting for Joe Biden is voting for the candidate of the military-industrial complex. Voting for Joe Biden is ensuring that the United States will continue to fight wars in perpetuum. I hope we are all happy about that.

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