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Did Trump Murder Ginsburg?

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

Trump Murdered Ginsburg: 1) Trump releases his list of potential nominees days before she dies. 2) She dies in a surprising way: Her lungs suddenly, and to the surprise of doctors, fill with fluid, and they can do nothing. All easily arranged by certain fluid retention, common medications. 3) Trump fakes surprise with the press after clearly being informed by his staff at foot of the stage, "Mission accomplished, sir!" 4) Ginsburg's granddaughter falsely reports a bizarre last wish; Don't fill the seat under Trump! Dying people don't want to talk politics, but friends and family. This predictably generates a Republican backlash, a frenzy to "fill that seat!". This solidifies Republican base resolve. So: Ginsburg's granddaughter is a Trump agent. She may have well also added the fluid retention drugs to Ginsburg's IV in a previous visit. 5) Trump had a complex, insanely well-worded, pre-written letter in minutes for the press to consume. He was carrying it on Air Force One, strongly enough. 6) Trump had to move quick, so he had to have her killed last week. The timing is perfect; just enough time to confirm the nominee, but no time for Democrat theatrics. These will be shot down and blocked in committee, because of the rush.

Conclusion: The evidence is far more consistent with a Trump murder than with a natural death and the required cascade of "ideal coincidences". Yes, I just came up with this. Like...now. Trump murdered Ginsburg. Sly, isn't he?

Credit: Dr. Adams.

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