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Dan Driscoll Had His Business Attacked by the County, Now He's a Libertarian...

Dan Driscoll Libertarian Candidate for Pacific County Commission gets second place behind the incumbent Democrat by a mere 101 votes. He also secured the endorsement of the 3rd place finisher who received over 600 votes. Dan could very well be the first elected Libertarian County Commissioner in Washington State! Watch this awesome interview and learn why this is such an important race for the LP! To support Dan's campaign go to https://www.votedandriscoll.com/ To support the LLA you can become a member here- https://academy.libertarianleadership... Or purchase your supplements or CBD here with discount code "Liberty" for 20% off- https://www.northspokaneapothecary.com/ Written by: Michael Pickens, founder of the Libertarian Leadership Academy, Former Chairperson of the LPWA and current Political Director.

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