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Written by: The Fireman

Anyone paying attention to the election cycle recently is on the edge of their seat. In keeping with the year that 2020 is rounding out to be, this election can only be described in one word: “Absurd.” We all saw Donald Trump surge to a strong lead, almost completely negating any advantage that might have been gained by Joe Biden in early voting. Everybody thought that early voting would almost certainly play out similar to absentee or mail in ballots, with Democrats jumping to an early lead prior to election day ballot counting.

But that didn’t happen. “Not so fast,” said the Democrats. Remember those “war games” that prominent Democrats held, stating that the only hope for a peaceful transition of power was a Biden landslide (despite Hillary Clinton publicly calling on Joe Biden to refuse from conceding under any circumstances)? Remember how they predicted that we would see a huge Trump lead on election day, only to see it evaporate overnight as mail in ballots were counted, creating a “red mirage?” Well, they were right!

We all went to sleep on election day with Trump commanding significant leads in key states like Pennsylvania and Michigan, only for Americans to wake up the next morning to find that Michigan had flipped, and that Pennsylvania was suddenly a toss-up! We all know what happened next. Joe Biden had a flood of votes come in to secure leads in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and maybe most surprisingly, Georgia. The red mirage came to pass, and COVID fear mongers gave day passes to urban masses who celebrated in the streets without masks, sharing drinks, like it was VE Day, 1945.

Then folks started to notice some strange things. Why did all of the “swing states” shut down counting? How did Biden’s surge come overnight, when counting was supposed to be suspended? Why were poll watchers kicked out and windows blocked in key cities? Why was the vote rejection rate historically low (from approximately 3-4% in 2012 and 2016 down to approximately 0.03%)? How did Donald Trump win Florida and Ohio, and still end up the loser? How did Donald Trump lose Michigan and Georgia when he won or performed strongly in their regional neighbors like Wisconsin and Ohio, and Florida and North Carolina respectively? How did Donald Trump overperform amongst minorities and in all urban areas, and Joe Biden underperform across the board EXCEPT in swing states alone? How did Donald Trump win so many bellwether counties and still end up with far fewer presumed Electoral College votes? People were dumbfounded. So were many in the Trump Campaign, and so Donald Trump refused to concede.

The mainstream media declared Joe Biden the President Elect (he is factually not), and Joe Biden hilariously (and also concerningly) established a dystopian “Office of the President Elect” in an attempt to boost his legitimacy. Trump supporters insisted on voter fraud, irregularities, and otherwise as evidence that the election had been stolen and should be investigated. However, instead of doing the logical thing and investigating the election in order to prove legitimate victory and to ensure election transparency, the media doubled down, social media doubled down, and anti-Trumpers shouted “YOU LOST! JUST GIVE UP! THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF IRREGULARITIES! JUST! GIVE! UP!!!” Bend the knee, they insisted, despite four years of Russiagate investigations that turned up no credible evidence of Russian collusion.

But then a team of Trump-affiliated and independent lawyers held a press conference and things began changing. More and more evidence accrued. Hundreds upon hundreds of affidavits were signed by citizens blowing the whistle on irregularities and fraudulent activity. The left continued to double down, “Well, there is no evidence of fraud…Okay, well there is no evidence of WIDESPREAD fraud…Okay, there is no evidence that this fraud could overturn the election!” The left continued to double down. “NO EVIDENCE! NOTHING TO SEE HERE! GIVE UP!”

And the narrative kept shifting, and shifting, ever so slightly, as the media had to give ground little by little as evidence amasses. And now here we are. Hard video evidence is coming forth in Georgia, apparently adding significant credibility to the thousands of affidavits, which are sworn testimonies under penalty of perjury (Did I mention that NO affidavits were signed by any Russiagate “whistleblowers” or even by Christine Blasey Ford in the infamous Kavanaugh hearings?), that something sinister is afoot. To quote Shakespeare’s Hamlet, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”

Yet, the left continues to INSIST that we just rush these election results through, and crown Biden the winner. I don’t know about you, but that says to me that anti-Trumpers, leftists, etc., DON’T CARE about election integrity. They only care about power, and getting it wrested away from Donald Trump. So much so, that now, even with hard evidence coming forth, anti-Trumpers are waking up to the possibility that Donald Trump is far from dead in this election. He could still win, either in the courts, or in a congressional contingent election. And they’re panicked.

Donald Trump once infamously misattributed the following quote to Gandhi: “First, they ignore you. Then, they laugh at you. Then, they fight you. Then, you win.” It seems we have already passed through phases one and two, and now find ourselves in the “fighting phase.” Leftists are beginning to understand that Trump supporters will not bend the knee, and they will not quit until transparency is achieved. On top of that, Donald Trump has seemingly gutted the Pentagon and began pulling troops out of foreign deployments at rates unseen since 9/11.

So how do the anti-Trumpers respond? “COUP! IT’S A COUP! SEE?! WE TOLD HE WAS LITERALLY WORSE THAN HITLER!” Just like they cried about Bush…and McCain…and Romney…and Trump…and presumably whomever mantles their opponents’ nomination.

Trump supporters were quick to point out that the REAL coup was commenced on election day and in the days following. They were “stopping the steal,” preventing the coup that Biden and China allegedly undertook. It looks like neither side is backing down, staring each other down, pointing and shouting “NO! YOU!” Only time will tell how this all ends, but it is not looking good.

Our only hope for peace in this country, in my opinion, is for a full-scale investigation of all of the anomalies that took place. People need confidence in the process and in the legitimacy of our chosen leader, regardless of who it is. At this point, I do not see any evidence convincing either side of de-escalating. We have begun thinking purely with emotions and not logically. We have willingly sacrificed our frontal cortexes for our amygdales. Nothing is true and everything is permitted. People refuse to concede. I fear that we will continue to shout, “NO! YOU!” until a punch is thrown. I pray not.

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