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Conspiracy Realities with Dr. Adams: Assassination Attempt?

Hello Friends of the Rational Mind!

Dr. Adams here. Your Conspiracy Correspondent.

Today’s adventure, Let’s look at a new conspiracy theory. You can look but don’t have to touch.

Remember. If it looks right by the best evidence, probably is. If it looks wrong by the best evidence, probably is.

Latest: Democrats tried to Assassinate President Trump With a bioweapon: COVID 19.


1. Persons of President Trump’s age group are known to be highly vulnerable to death by COVID 19.

2. The death of the President by COVID19 would obviously dramatically increase the likelihood that the Democrat candidate, Biden, would win the election against VP Pence.

3. Trump was infected in the White House by an Obama era, Democrat party staffer still working in the White House. She was highly infectious. The MSM has established this.

4. The Trump Whitehouse used constant state of the art, relentless COVID 19 access testing to screen anyone coming within infection-distance of the President. The MSM has established this.

5. The staffer was repeatedly cleared by the access team with COVID 19 for weeks during her infection. The MSM press has established this.

6. The staffer had free run of White House areas President Trump works in, as well as close contact with the President himself. The MSM has established this.

7. Like professional detectives, we should explain events in terms of what the best explanation is.

8. Conclusion: Best explanation: (a) The staffer, now infected, was recruited by Democratic Party operatives to infect the President in a conspiracy to use COVID19 to assassinate him. (b) elements of the COVID screening team knowingly faked her “negative results” for weeks so she could access to the President Trump to infect and kill him.

9. Conclusion: The Democrat party attempted to assassinate President Trump with a Bioweapon: COVID19.

Just good professional detective work. History shows, standard professional detective work does not apply to the high towers of US political intrigue with MSM. We are, again, on our own.

Q: Is this a good conspiracy theory?

You decide. “Democrats tried to use COVID as a bioweapon to assassinate president Trump.” Yes or No?

Comment below!

Next time; new video emerges showing …

Written by: Dr. Adams

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