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CNN Let's Us Know What's Okay to Feel in These Pandemic Times.

This is really a glaring example of the gall of the mainstream media outright telling people how to feel and what is acceptable. Instead of reporting facts about current events, they publish the opinion that you are supposed to have. https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/17/entertainment/emmys-celebration-pandemic-plc/index.html "But that list of tribulations is exactly why pop culture -- and television specifically -- is incredibly vital right now.

TV doesn't just inform us and reflect who we are, it connects us and offers a refuge of stories we can escape to when it all becomes too much."

**** "Back in March, there was a virtual rewatch party of Beyoncé's "Homecoming," which for me set the tone of how I could quarantine and not feel like the world was passing me by as I awaited it being safe enough to return to.

Reading the tweets from those who were jamming to Beyoncé at home -- just like I was -- made me feel like there was indeed a way we could be alone, together.

It was television that gave me that gift.

Different eras have often been referred to as "The Golden Age of Television." But in this dark time, the medium shines more brightly than it ever has before.

And that is definitely worth celebrating."

This whole article is about telling the masses how it is "okay" to feel about the distractions they want you to watch. The author wants you to identify with the idea of a tv show setting the tone of how they feel about the quarantine.

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