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Big Tech Censorship

Written by: Staff Writer It was never about just Trump or preventing violence. It’s always been about silencing dissenting voices. It seems that having a certain opinion or speaking the truth about certain topics is against their Terms of Service.

Ron Paul certainly does not deserve to have his account restricted. Other examples include account restrictions for benign memes and completely accurate quotes. It’s time to talk about the elephant in the room. Big Tech doesn’t want you to have an opinion that goes against their power base.

Even if you believe that they are completely within their rights to do this, you should still be appalled that it is being done. Tell them no more. Dump their stocks, and use other sources for your media and advertising. Let them know you won’t stand for this, or don’t. Maybe you don’t care yet. Maybe it’s not your voice that is being silenced. Maybe one day it will be and no one will be allowed to speak out for you without getting banned, or losing their job.

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